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2023 - Week 31


Work Life: My document is indeed ready for publishing.

Mood: Relieved. New admin things that have lots of steps are hard for me to learn and complete. I survived though!

Home Life: I did a bunch of work on the July playlist for the next edition of my newsletter. I also got back to my Fairy Cross-Stitch project. If you want to see how that is going or to hear the playlist, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.


Work Life: We had a very productive meeting on issues we had last year and great ideas on how to improve the process. Of course, now that I'm in a different role, it doesn't help me a ton, but at least things are improving.

Mood: My mood isn't the best today. I don't really want to do anything, but I don't want to let other people down.

Home Life: It helped to go out and see my goth friends even though I was wanting to stay home.


Work Life: It was a pretty typical Wednesday. Most things are waiting for other people.

Mood: Frustrated and sad. I'm still stuck trying to find a way to get medicated for my ADHD. Also feeling disappointed that a project didn't work out, but other things made me feel better.

Home Life: I spent the evening catching up on chores and trying to figure out a path forward. I got an email that gave me some hope. A skirt I altered didn't work out, so it's back to the drawing board on that.


Work Life: This week has been too long already.

Mood: A mix of excited and worried. We're supposed to have yet another bad storm, but I'm also going to see a friend perform.

Home Life: After letting the weather calm down a bit, I went to see my friend Dani perform at Live on Elgin! It was a fantastic performance and I'm so glad she has got her voice back after having struggled for a bit with Covid. When she sings Invader, I feel it in my soul and it was a particularly good performance. It was so nice seeing Internet friends in person too. I couldn't stop smiling after the show.


Work Life: It was a fairly slow day at work since a lot of people took the long weekend off. I got my tender set up, so I can easily publish it when I'm back from my upcoming vacation.

Mood: Tired, but happy.

Home Life: I made progress on my castle in Minecraft. Oh boy has that had a rough start. For some reason, I decided it would be a cool thing to build a castle on a hill. The thing is that there isn't actually a hill, so I've been building it in the air and adding the hill as I go. I attempted to start my music station project, but I couldn't find my saw box to be able to cut the 2x4 in half. Instead, while looking, I found my bag of wayward socks and the bottoms to my new bathing suit. I had been looking for those about a month or two ago. Hopefully it doesn't take me that long to find my saw box. I want to get my music stuff in order, so I can practice more.


I had a productive Saturday in Minecraft and at home. I made a lot of progress on my castle. My sawbox was in my closet, so I was able to do the cuts for my music station. I really hope the project works out. It'll make a huge difference in my home and my practice. I even found my little book project and started it. It's a little wooden book that will sit on a shelf I will be returning from vacation with in a couple of weeks. The little book has a compartment that I will be storing some items in that currently clutter my desk. I had originally thought I would put it in my bathroom, so I was going to paint it gray or white, but now that it's for stream, it's a bright lavender. After the base coat is done, I will be adding leaves, mushrooms, and butterflies to it. 


Sunday began with some Procreate until my pen decided it could not function without more charge. I was a tad annoyed about this as it was too early to work on noisier projects and I really wanted to finish up my next newsletter. I eventually made a decent amount of progress on my drawing for it. I did get to my other project, but it wasn't working out, so I felt that a break was in order. I watched The Witcher Season 3 with Dino friends and did some cross-stitching.


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