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Getting Fixed

Fixing things around my house and health wise became a theme for me in April. 


I finally got around to installing the quarter round trim at the floor level in my kitchen. It looks much better!

I shortened several pairs of pants. Yeah, I know it's shocking that someone under 5 foot tall would need to shorten their pants. I did a nice hem on my newest pair of jeans. For my overalls, I just shortened them and am going to let them fray since they have frayed holes on them anyway. 


My car was unhappy. The engine light was on and the automatic shifter felt like it was going to seize. The stabilizers and rear brake lights were replaced and now it shifts like butter. I'm so happy it wasn't the transmission! On that day, I learned working from a cafe is entirely overrated. But I did get to see my young buddy on his 10th birthday, and that was nice.


I needed 3 fillings in my teeth and a new nightguard. The dentist took a scan of my mouth after the fillings and I'll be retrieving the nightguard tomorrow.

lost 10 lbs during curling despite the drinking that goes with it, so that's a good start on that goal. I'm hoping between kung fu and softball, the rest will be taken care of soon enough.

I did my skills testing for softball. I hit and caught most of the balls. I threw OK. I sucked at running, but I'm under 5 foot tall, so I feel like that's to be expected.

I registered for kung fu. I'm very excited to be getting back to martial arts! I expect that there will be some tough weeks while doing it and softball, but I'm up for the challenge.


After I used PayByPhone, apparently the parking officer didn't check that, so I was issued a parking ticket for failing to pay. I have submitted a request for review including the email receipt showing I paid for parking in that location at that time on that day. It eventually was cancelled. Damn right it was!

My taxes were submitted just before the public workers went on strike. At least they were done on time, so that was one less thing bouncing around in my head demanding attention.

Some mortgage magic was done in April as well. The only debt I have now is my mortgage and I am finally able to get some other things done. This includes getting properly assessed for ADHD, which is important because I suspect I have some learning issues tied to math and auditory processing.

Remember when PayPal banned me? Well, they decided I could have access to my funds and I promptly sent them to my bank account. I guess that's as fixed as it will likely be.


Having already decided it would be more organized to separate my permanent book collection and my to-be-read books, I set to doing as such though I briefly struggled with where to put some of the to-be-reads that will be permanent. Ultimately, I decided I would put them in the permanent, but have them sticking out some. I have a few textbook style books that don't currently have a home after this adventure, but I'm sure I'll figure out where they can live soon enough.

Since I had sound foam lying around, I decided to get that up on the wall in the living room that is near where my electronic keyboard lives.


I didn't get through my entire to-do list for April, but I got a lot done. I'll be continuing this trend in May as I still have some pants and curtains to shorten and hem. I may get back to the declutter, but not in a pull-everything-out way. Going forward, I want to have small chunks that I'm working on rather than having my condo be a giant mess. I feel like that will be a better way to live while getting rid of the remaining clutter.


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