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A Tough Week

This week began quite terribly. I started it hungover and quite broken from kung fu. For the record, I don't recommend having the two types of pain at the same time. 

I'm drastically reducing how often I drink alcohol going forward. More on the reasons for that in a future blog post. And no its not due to having a bad hangover or regrets. It's not a passing fancy. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I'm joining the Sober Curious movement.

Anyway, the week next brought dizziness. My seasonal allergies came in with fluid in my ears instead of a helpful warning like a sneezing fit. So I spent much of Monday feeling dizzy while also being still sore from kung fu. This isn't unusual. It either often happens like this or with an ear infection. I marked May 1 on my Google Calendar as a likely good day to start taking my allergy meds for next year in the hopes I can avoid both crappy options altogether.

Thankfully, the allergy meds made the dizziness go away and I was able to train my new colleague on Tuesday, but I was running on very little sleep due to having to rest for much of Monday and consequently being unable to go to sleep at a good time. I would've just rearranged my hours, but I had to be in office to train.

Wednesday seemed like it was beginning well until I caught the fleshy pad of my ring finger in the thing I was assembling, which caused a blood blister. I suppose I was thankful the skin was broken, so I didn't have to go back and relieve the pressure. Since I hadn't eaten yet, I felt nauseous and my temperature spiked up violently. I was at least able to treat my wound. Afterward, I took time to calm myself before setting up for the workday and eventually getting to the whole food thing.

I'm hoping the rest of the week is much more pleasant. I was going to play some ukulele, but it looks like that will be a dream for awhile since the injury is on my fretting hand. I suppose drawing may be the best plan until it has healed. Dammit! I even use that finger for Minecraft.

I was putting together a tree thing for hanging up the worn but not dirty clothes, so they aren't strewn on my reading chair or ab bench. A step forward on my decluttering efforts and for other goals to the detriment of my music ones. Life can sometimes be a pain in the ass.

Sadly, I had had a great dream about playing my ukulele and I was all energized to get to it. I shook my fist at the universe, but the reality is that I was likely not awake enough to be assembling anything, so it was me who was the asshole here.

Thankfully, I was able to re-install my air conditioner on Thursday without issues or injuries. The window piece for the exhaust had fallen out of the window during the cold snap after the heat wave we had and I had so much else going on that I wasn't able to deal with it. 

I decided I would take my allergy meds later in the day going forward, so I would hopefully have my drowsiest moments at night when I'm sleeping. I don't want to be drowsy at kung fu. That would be bad. But being dizzy from fluid in the ears would also be bad.

Speaking of kung fu, I was able to get out and get my new bokken on Wednesday for training on Saturday. I got the last one and it's a red wood of some sort. It's quite nice and I prefer the colour to the shorter white oak one I have. I needed a longer one for this martial art as it won't be sheathed. I'm really excited to be practicing with the sword this week!

Further on Thursday though, I had my recycling fall off my cart and some of the glass smash on the floor. I had to put it all back in my bin to walk about 15 feet to empty it in the room it goes in. Then I returned later to sweep up the small bits in the lobby to protect toe beans on the fluffy butts in the building.

The rest of Thursday went OK. I got a new table put together for sewing. The one I had was way too high to comfortably craft at. It's a nice little desk from IKEA. It goes with my decor much better in my living room. I had picked it up last week, but couldn't get time to put it together before now. Rise of the Tomb Raider was playable on my system, so I could stream it. Though, I'm unsure I saved my progress correctly at the end, so I might be in trouble when I load it again.

I started watching ER and I wonder if they ever save anyone. I mean, I knew Grey's Anatomy isn't the most realistic, but hardly anyone I've seen in season one lives. It's quite depressing actually and I don't like George Clooney's womanizing character lol. I'm only five episodes in, but I don't really care about any of the characters I've met, so I think I'll be finding something else to binge.

Friday seemed decent. I got a fair amount done at work and at home. I would've gotten more done if someone hadn't put poop in one of the washing machines. These are communal machines. Wash your shit in your own sink or throw those underwear out. Don't put them in machines other people need!

And someone else took up 5/6 dryers. Do you think they returned to empty them? No. The other one was in use by someone else.

Anyway, I'm now mulling over the possibilities of outsourcing my laundry.

But at least the Leafs are out of the Stanley Cup running. I'm a fan of cheering for "Anyone But Leafs." 

Sorry for all the ranting, but damn this week was a lot and after reviewing what I've wrote, I think it's ridiculous that all this happened over five days.


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