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A Packed Weekend


Two summers ago, I and some friends were able to participate in a movie scene in Ottawa's Strathcona Park. The location wasn't unknown to me. Steampunk Ottawa has fairly regular meetups near the ruins and I was a member for a time. They actually had one that day.

We were there to film a fight scene for Enter the Drag Dragon. The task set before us was to run at the drag queen who would beat us up with phallic nunchuks. There is more than one drag queen in the story and they all play the same character, Crunch. Ours, Jade London, is in the middle section of the film. Jade is pictured below with the nunchuks in her left hand.

One never knows if they will be seen in a movie when they aren't playing a big role, but I'm there. Twice! The second time I'm on-screen was from the filming session that happened in April 2022 at the Mayfair. It's a little harder to find me in that one, but I'm there. 

Seeing my name in credits was a strange and wonderful experience that I hope to have happen someday under the writing section. I'll soon be hermiting to put the work in that could make that a possibility one day. I got a screenplay idea during my holiday visit and I'm exploring it.


As I was out fairly late the night before, I was thankful that my planned outings for the following day weren't scheduled before 2:00 PM. This meant that I could go back to sleep for a while after writing the Friday part of the post.

What was my Saturday plan? I was off to see Tone Cluster. It's a local queer choir. I found out about it at the queer jam night and I immediately bought a ticket because I want to get more connected with other 2SLGBTQI+ people who into music. 

Fun fact: I was in a choir in high school. I truly enjoyed it. Maybe one day I'll get over that fear that I succumb to when doing a vocal audition.

One of the songs, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, was so beautiful that it nearly brought me to tears. It's a poem by Robert Frost that was put to music. This particular version was by Joshua Shank.

I felt like crying again when the viola player, Ryan Vis played his first piece, Sonate a-Moll D 821 "Arpeggione": 1. Allegro moderato by Franz Schubert. I didn't let myself either time because my eyes don't produce quality tears.

I had such a wonderful experience that I'm hoping to audition. My friend, who is a member, told me they practice on Monday, which would mean changing my streaming schedule, but I've been wanting to do that anyway. It's a lot to be streaming during weeknights because I end up too tired the next day at work. I may change Wednesday also.


The above meme accurately describes what the curling experience was like on Sunday. 

We played a team that is supposed to be in C division. They're in E from having to forfeit too many times due to Covid. As a result, we were lucky to score the one point that we did. Their score was written down as 15 because the scoreboard couldn't hold any more points. They completely destroyed us and were only 3 of 4 players. 

You may be thinking they should've gone easier on us. Had they done that, it could prevent them from getting back to the level they're supposed to be at because the point spread matters. It's likely not fun for them to be winning so easily all the time. 

Before playing them we were sitting at third place in our division. It'll be interesting to see where we end up after this.

Now we wait for the Round 3 schedule to come out.


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