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Some days I wonder why I try anything at all. So many of my days are a struggle to do things that I think shouldn't be difficult. I got a little cart on the weekend and some storage bins to get items that I need to keep off of the floor. The design to put the cart together was ridiculous, so I kept having to flip it around to make it happen. And during that, my glass of lemonade fell and broke, because I really needed that on top of the rest.

There are days I feel like there is far too much bullshit in my day-to-day and I'm so sick from fighting to get back what I've lost.

And most of the time I let this all roll over my shoulders without too much fuss, but on Sunday I was just feeling really fucking done with the stupidity of it all.

Despite all of that, I had an OK week. I relaunched my Twitch after rebranding to match my website. My overlay is now a cute pastel goth design, which I love. I finished watching Orange is the New Black. I moved closer to having a reading nook. Those were all good things.

At least it was sugar free lemonade, so everything didn't get sticky on top of being wet. Yeah, even when I'm in a bad mood, I try to find the light. And losing some things has left room for good changes.

Monday was a totally different day. I brought my car into the shop and finally got the calipers done. I waited years for that because aftermarket parts are way less expensive. But I had to deal with an unpleasant bus driver after dropping the car off. 

Then I had to fit the bank in, because I couldn't remember my PIN for my line of credit, so I would be able to pay for it. Actually, I'm not sure I ever got it changed from the temporary one, but it is now. My curling shoes came and I won at blanket on Danielle Allard's Twitch channel -- at the same time. The shoes were causing me stress because it was the second delivery attempt and they said the third would be on the 3rd and curling starts on the 1st.

I also received a phone call about an appointment I had to confirm around that same time. 

After taking the bus 3 times, I was happy to have my car back. 

Then I had my condo AGM, which was long and filled with annoying things, but at least some of the voting went the way I hoped it would. 

I did not stream on Twitch as it would have been short anyway. Instead, I window-shopped for new clothing items and updated my video production software to be able to edit my Twitch content for upload to YouTube.

After all that, I looked forward to some drinks with friends on Tuesday!



- sell items
- clean condo


- book calipers appointment [Appointment booked last week and repair was completed on the 26th]


- rowing 3x weekly
- walking/dancing 3x weekly

I've been busy reconfiguring my DIY chaise into a smaller version of itself to be used in a cozy reading area I'm working towards.


- craft a practise schedule (Done)

Twitch Update

- continue working towards Affiliate


- edit Chapter 14 (Sparker)
- edit Chapter 15 (Sparker)
- continue working on Popcorn Girl

Please check out my digital to-do list:


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