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My 2021 Goals Update


The plumber is due this morning and I'm cautiously optimistic. This is the 4th I've been in contact with. The first only did jobs of a certain size and was trying to convince me to put in an open concept shower that would have had water everywhere and cost about $10,000-15,000. I live in a condo and if water goes from my unit into another unit, I'm in trouble.

The second plumber wouldn't return calls or book anything and is no longer being called for work in the building by anyone. Several months were lost here.

The third plumber was under contract with the property manager and waited many months to tell me they felt they shouldn't because it wasn't for the property company. So more time lost there.

This new plumber has a policy of fixing it the day they look at it whenever possible, so I am really hopeful this will be resolved, but given all the ridiculousness I'm guarding my hope.

The door to the water shutoff still hasn't been unlocked though I requested it for this morning.


I think I've figured out that I'm not that into Twitch as a streamer. I might still do it sometime when life is a bit calmer, but I don't feel like it's that important at this time for me.

Having fun with games is though. I'm currently enjoying the first Witcher game.


Well, I started out the round with a focus on guitar and ended up enjoying ukulele more. Both use similar skills though. A ukulele is really just a small guitar with different tuning. I still need to learn a song enough to play it without Fender Play on screen. It's so hard to decide which song to choose though!


My kitchen is coming along nicely. My living room still needs a lot of love. I brought 3 more boxes to donation. I lost count long ago on that.


I really need to do better here. I wrote that I would do one audio book each week and one physical book every two weeks. I forgot what my goal was! Anyway, I'm almost through book 15 of this year. I don't think I'm going to formally sign up for the reading challenge next year and just read for enjoyment. Some books I want to read are really thick and may take months, so that will impact the number and life shouldn't just be about numbers.


Monday's session at the skatepark left me quite sore. My left ab was strained and I guess I overextended my right elbow at some point too. I made a lot of progress though! I did the ramps a couple of times and learned what I need to try next time to do better at dropping from the top of the lipped kind. My legs are getting stronger each time I go. I had a better time with inline skates rather than quads. I still fell a lot, but it was more because I was trying new skills rather than just basic skating.

Sometimes I'm a little jealous of the skateboarders as it's so easy for them to change to different areas in the park because they don't have extra work navigating stairs while on skates.

I'm due to take my bicycle in. I finally got the tires sorted and now my chain won't go back on. I'm unsure if I can get it into the car while I'm a tad injured. I may give it a try anyway though. 


I have been doing well at my blogging goals, but not so well at my writing and editing otherwise. I think NaNoWriMo happens at the wrong time of the year for me. November usually has too much going on. Maybe once my reno is over it won't feel so stressful. 

I have made progress on Chapter 6 and I'm excited about it. For a long time, I didn't know what changes to make, but now I'm using it much better. I think I should start using part of my lunch to write as I still have a lot of energy at that time of the day.


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