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ROW80 2020 R4 - GOALS

I've gotten zero writing done recently, however, I had other pressing things. 


As my new bed frame was due for arrival last Friday (more on this later), I hauled ass and purged a bunch more stuff from my home. I brought a full carload to donation and started loading up again.

I also dealt with my old mattress, which I'm repurposing for a couch. Now, I didn't fully complete it as I haven't figured out all the pieces, but I did get it cut up appropriately and moved out of my bedroom. I'm currently sewing it back together.

As for my bedroom, I was able to do a major declutter and access areas I haven't been able to in months. But that area now has bathroom stuff in it.

There is more to do, but I'm really happy with my progress of late.

I've cut myself numerous times on the couch project including my heel finding a tiny piece of glass, my palm finding a wayward staple, my knuckle finding who knows what, my one thumb having a run in with a box cutter, and my other thumb having an asshole hangnail. I've heard that if you bleed on a project, it's going to be successful. Well, this is going to be one hell of a couch judging by all the blood I've sacrificed to it!


I think my belt needs another hole punched into it, so I guess I've been losing some weight between the skating, martial arts, and all this home shit.

I also have an under-the-desk bike to help with combatting sitting all day for work and I got a fitness thing for my Nintendo Switch, which is letting me declutter some old Wii games I haven't been using.


Straight up? I reached a low point earlier this year where I was barely functioning. I was completely overwhelmed. I felt like I had during my divorce. I called an online health provider (Tulip) to get help and was put on Zoloft for a bit. I had to switch off of it because I grind my teeth normally and it had me grinding so hard that my teeth hurt so bad it was hard to eat. I'm now on what I had 7 years ago and it is helping a lot.  

What else is helping me? Therapy. Specifically Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and I'm doing it for free online via AbilitiCBT because I live in Ontario. Manitoba residents can also access it for free. There could be a service where you are that is similar.

All this to say, if you are struggling, get help! Seriously. It's worth it. I finally feel like my life is getting on track and I now remember what being happy feels like.

The more stuff I purge, the more I feel better. A lot of things just weren't working for me. I've reorganized a lot of things and repurposed others. With each item, I was able to see an opportunity. 


One of the reasons I haven't been progressing here is because I couldn't decide whether or not to try traditional publishing or to go self. I've finally decided that I'm going to self-publish and it has nothing to do with past rejections. It has everything to do with what I want as a writer. I don't like being made to stick to an antiquated model based on store shelves where I should only write one genre. I've also read that some publishers buy the rights to the author's name and have found themselves having to start from square one. I've also seen people I know have to try and find a new publisher part way through a series. I want to be in the driver's seat.

I'm late at putting my goals together for Round 4, but here are the major items:

1. Finish editing Sparks

2. Declutter the paper in my home

3. Finish the bathroom

4. Finish the couch

5. Genealogy research

6. Learn to draw



  1. Looks like you're putting those good and happy feelings to work on progress! =)


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