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A SPARK - 2020 ROW80 R3-W4

It has been a fun week at work this week. I've been selected to lead the development of a video script. It has been really nice getting to use my education in this area and it has been fun working with people from other sections. We have a tight deadline as filming happens in a couple of weeks! I'll may get to act in it as well because there are only so many people who volunteered to be part of the project. It has been extra challenging to write with the pandemic. Due to the need to wear masks, we opted for going more visual instead of having lines, which was an interesting challenge. I hope the actors aren't too disappointed there aren't speaking roles.

Working on that project has given me some motivation. I haven't been working on something like this in awhile as I've been really focused on decluttering and my job. I think it was the kick in the butt I needed.

Honestly, I've been letting my reno work count here because I'm using a lot of muscle and often sweating as I work away at it.

I got to a 19 day streak and lost it, but I'll just aim for 20 days next time.

This week, I brought some items to donation. I'm also making steady progress on the bathroom. I started mudding and sanding the walls. This portion is going to take awhile and I'm going to have to pause and clean up at some point because I can finally seal the tiles and grout. Yes, I've probably done this in a weird order, but I think it will work out.

However, I have experienced quite a bit of electrical bullspit this weekend.

I had a super time going to Homesense and picking up some items for the bathroom like a soap dispenser, art, and a mirror. As it turns out, there is a bad area full of electrical wires right where I was going to hang the mirror. I'm still hanging a mirror there, but I had to return the kind I had bought. Where I was going to have to put a hole was bad, but about six or seven inches above that is supposedly safe, so now I have one that hangs differently. It will go better with other planned decor anyway once I paint it to match, but I was hoping to just keep moving along on the project and had to stop and go back out. Thankfully, I didn't rush to exchange it because...

Electrical problem number 2 happened. I've been working for weeks with terrible lighting in my office because the fan above me wasn't working right. the fan portion was OK, but the light wouldn't work properly. Knowing my condo has been wired as if it is copper when it is aluminum, I thought I could just quickly remedy it. Nope. It would have been a two-person job. While I have friends who probably would've helped me, I also knew I was planning to replace the fan eventually anyway because it was fugly. Seriously. Gold with faux mahogany and some kind of lattice. I guess that was cool when they built the condo, but it was seriously outdated.

So off to Home Depot I went to get a light. I opted for one where I could aim the bulbs. I didn't want to spend a ton on this given it was unexpected and eventually I'll probably need to change it if I ever move because my office is in a dining room. And it uses three of the six bulbs that were in my old bathroom light. I got a matching one for my kitchen, which currently has one of those giant circular chrome things from the same era. I'll be putting the fan back together and donating it. Someone might love it. Maybe a museum curator will see its worth.

Anyway, now I can reclaim some desk space. 

I was hoping to get farther on my bathroom project this weekend, but I've run into a problem area where the paint is peeling off and I'm trying to figure that out. The last thing I want to have happen is to paint and have the same thing happen to me after doing all this work!

My arms are also fatigued from all the screwdriver usage over the last couple days between the electrical and putting the main part of the bathroom furniture together. 

I wish I would have checked out how to hang the new mirror I got before I went to Home Depot though. I need a cabinet knob with a headless screw for it. There's always something else...

I haven't been able to set aside the time for this. Maybe it will be easier when my bathroom is further along.

I have spent time writing for work this week, but I expect that I'll soon have time to really get back into my projects now that I have proper lighting and I'm getting closer to completing my bathroom every day.


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